Division Offshore Solution

Division Offshore Solution

BloomFoss,our naval Architects and Engineers have many years experience in the design and analysis of Marine and Offshore structures. We have been involved in a wide variety of design projects from offshore structures to FPSOs and designing complete vessels to classification approvals.

  • Anchor and mooring winches
  • Sheaves and fairleads
  • Cranes
  • Control and monitoring systems           
  • Riser winches, hoisting winches
  • LARS (Launch and Recovery Systems )
  • Power pack systems 


Services Offered

  • Vessel and offshore design to Classification Society rules such as ABS, LR, DNV, BV.
  • Crane design, analysis of Booms, Gantry, winch sizing calculations
  • Steelwork design to national rules such as BS5950, NS3472, ASME, NORSOK.
  • Design modifications for tanker to FSO/FPSO conversions.
  • Piping schematics design and layouts for Ships’ piping systems, Cargo systems etc.
  • Electrical Single line diagrams, Load Analyses, Cable tray layouts etc.

Mechanical Design, Prototyping and simulations – Inert Gas Systems

BloomFoss,provide profession consultation to clients in develop, design, engineer, analyse, fabricate, install and commission their product.

BloomFoss, design, supply and integrate the Offshore hydraulic packages, as well as the refurbishment of the existing systems. Division Offshore Hydraulics service offered included:

  • Winch HPU and control panels.
  • Swivel seal Oil system (SOS)
  • Swivel leak recovery system (LRS)
  • Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV) HPU and associated control panels; Portable Umbilical pressurization systems (PUPS)
  • Turret main Bearing Hydraulic control system and HPU
  • Remaining Hydraulic skids refurbishment and integration work

All Turret moorings have swivel to transfer Crude oil or Gas from Geostationary side to ship side or vice versa needs a Seal oil system (May be called as a Barrier fluid system) for the sealing of ports.At the same time there will be leakages from the seals. This leakage has to be collected and route in a safe manner for the close drain system of the FPSO which is called as leak recovery system (LRS).