The Anti-Heeling Control System is used to detect the heeling angle of the vessel and to rebalance the ship automatically by pumping ballast water from starboard to port or vice versa. The systems can operate with reversible or non-reversible pumps, using Remote Controlled Valves to ballast water flow.

  • Anti-heeling Control Panel 
  • Pump Starter Panel 
  • Heeling Pump 
  • Heeling Valves 
  • Level Transmitters 
  • Level Swithches

The Anti-heeling Systems AH2000 and AH2000i can work in conjunction with the stability control system and the Valve Remote Control System for bilge and ballast valve control, the precision heeling sensor ,mounted athwart to the ship’s direction and supplies the heeling angle signal to the master PLC. More complex Anti-Heeling systems makes use of 4 Anti-Heeling tanks and inclinometers with 4 axis (port,starboard,forward and aft.) Such systems are employed on some vessels which require the vessel to anti-heel itself at 4 axis during operation.

The master CPU is housed in flush mounting. The front panel of the anti-heeling includes selected switch for mode selection and lamp test, integrated in a mimic panel.

The ballast pump starts only if it get the signal that the respective valves are open. These valves will be controlled by means of master PLC. When pump starter panel in operation mode, signal ‘ System is Ready’ will send to master PLC, Anti-Heeling control systems is enabled.