Tank Gauging Systems

Tank Gauging Systems


Tank Gauging System is essential for accurate measurement of LPG in Marine and Offshore industry. Its reliability to prevent product loss, performance to optimize product movement and safety to protect the environment is critical to a successful inventory management.

A reliable sensor is the key element and use in various Tank Gauging System. Our common types of sensor are:

  • Radar
  • Hydrostatic Pressure 
  • Float switch

Bloomfoss has the complete strength and capability to design and manufacture Tank Gauging System to meet IMO and CLASS requirements and fullfill customers’s expectations. Our complete solutions to our customers comprise of key components ranging from Field instrucments, Data Acquisition Systems, Processors and Human Machine Interface (HIM) devices.


  • Cargo Level Management
  • Cargo Temperature Measurement
  • Cargo Overfill monitoring
  • Cargo Vapour Pressure & Loading Monitoring
  • Insert Gas Pressure Monitoring
  • Ballast Measurement 
  • Draft Measurement
  • Anti-Heeling & Stability Test
  • Hull Stress Monitoring