BloomFoss BP Series Pneumatic Actuator

BloomFoss BP Series Pneumatic Actuator


The BP series Pneumatic Actuator specially designed for Quarter Turn applications. Scotch – Yoke design with Double Piston Force feature for OPEN and CLOSE operation that enables the actuator to create more Torque with the same size of other Actuators.

The Actuator can be supplied in Standard Carbon Steel body and Stainless Steel body for special application.


  • All air passages hole are internally drilled  
  • Lightweight compact design
  • available for simple adaptation or CO-Block connection


  • Guided Railed for the Piston shaft that ensures the Rod is travelling in a straight line
  • Enables to eliminate uneven forces acting onto main Drive shaft of Actuators and valve stem.
  • Greatly Improved for product reliability, and operation’s efficiency


*Temperature differ may require different type of seal as to maintain actuator operational integrity and reliability.

A.) Standard Seal – The standard seal is suitable for -20°F to +176°F (-29°C to +80°C).

B.) High Temperature Seal – Optional high temperature Seal from 0°F to +350°F (-18°C to +177°C)

C.) Low Temperature Seal – Special non-PED low temperature Seal 40°F to +150°F (-40°C to +66°C)

*Kindly consult manufacturer – BloomFoss for more details.

Application Variations

Standard BP series comes with tough Rilsan coating adverse situations. High resistance to salt environment and poor weather conditions. Will not peal or crack during dry – wet – dry conditions under long term usage. Standard material of Aluminium with Rilsan coating. Strong adhesion to actuator body as process is done at high temperature.

Like most other actuator designs, our products also come with the following application possibilities. From double acting to single acting, from submerged to non-submerged. Pneumatic systems are able to operate in Safe and Hazardous environments as air is almost non-combustible. Some systems even go to the extent of using Inert gases for extreme safe measures. Our pneumatic actuators operate from minimum of 5 BAR to maximum of 7 BAR. This would be the conventional operating range of Pneumatic system’s pressure.

  • DOUBLE ACTING – Open / Close functions
  • SINGLE ACTING – Spring to Open (Fail Open) , Spring to Close (Fail Close)