BloomFoss BT Series Hydraulic Actuator

BloomFoss BT Series Hydraulic Actuator


Bloomfoss BT series Hydraulic Actuator is specifically designed for marine and offshore applications. Focused on compact, simple, rugged and long lasting rack and pinion design philosophy. Wide range from 250NM to 26000NM, material range from Standard Carbon steel with Options for Stainless Steel 316 Material.
The BT Series will provide superior performance in low pressure hydraulic applications. Floating pistons ensure low breakaway pressure and smooth operation. Brass pistons rings and piston bands eliminate leakage and cylinder scoring. Alloy steel racks and pinions provide the strength and resilience for minimum downtime. A broad offering of options and accessories provides unmatched flexibility in design and application. These included cushions, stroke adjusters, flow controls, and position sensors, as well as application matched shaft, mounting, porting and seal variations.

Material Variations

Standard BT series comes with tough epoxy coated marine paint for adverse situations. High resistance to salt environment and poor weather conditions. Will not peal or crack during dry – wet – dry conditions under long term usage. Standard material of Carbon Steel Standard paint : 200 um Epoxy marine paint. (Sand blasting to ensure paint stays on steel body)


  • Highly reliable and proven design
  • High quality components from the manufacturers
  • From Hard –Wire based design to Processor based design Control Valve Center
  • Standard IP 22 Protection on Control Valve Center
  • Low Leakage valves thereby reducing accumulator start stop
  • Extending life span of equipment
  • Standard design for Safe environment, on request Hazardous environment valves
  • Redundancy design available with processor based systems on hot standby
  • Major Class Approval ABS, DNV, LR and others

Stainless Steel BT 316

Stainless Steel BT 316 series is designed specifically for highly corrosive and acidic environments. Stainless steel 316 has the standard properties of being very resistant to corrosion, acids, gases and other chemical media. Most suitable for submerged conditions. High tensile strength of 316 stainless steel properties. Standard material: Stainless Steel 316 (High accuracy machining and surface treatment for long life)

Application Variations

Like most other actuator designs, our products also come with the following application possibilities. From double acting to single acting, from submerged to non-submerged. As a standard, hydraulic fluid is applicable for safe and hazardous environments. Hydraulic fluid does not combust easily. Modern synthetic based fire resistant based fluids are able to perform up to temperature of 250 deg Celsius safely. Hydraulic system also varies from lower pressure system of 60 BAR to a more commonly used system of 135 BAR. Both 60 BAR systems and 135 BAR systems operate hydraulic systems properly.

  • Double Acting – Open / Close functions
  • Single Acting – Spring to Open (Fail Open) , Spring to Close (Fail Close)
  • Modulation – Modulate to Open / Modulate to Close
  • Modulation with spring to close during loss of Hydraulic force


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    Single Acting

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    Double Acting