BloomFoss BE Series Electric Actuator

BloomFoss BE Series Electric Actuator


Bloomfoss BE series Electric Actuator is specifically designed for marine and offshore applications. Focused on compact, simple, rugged and long lasting scotch-yolk design philosophy. Material made from anodized aluminium coated with high resistance coating. Wide Range from 25NM to 6000 NM.

BloomFoss,we has year’s of development experience and it drive innovation to develop the new BE series electric actuators. It is more robust and durable and extremely suitable for the Oil and Gas, Marine and Offshore industries.

BE actuators are specially designed for quarter turn operating applications. From butterfly valves to Ball valves and dampers. Variation in the range of output torques fit many different requirements Highly reliable feedback and local control system, make our actuator even more adaptable than before. It’s International recognition from the UKAS Quality systems approval.



  • High-grade hard anodized aluminum alloy housing with tough epoxy coating for harsh environments.
  • Output torque from 50Nm to 6000Nm and higher
  • Wide range of voltages from single phase 110 V ,220 V, 230 V to three phase 380 V and 440 V.
  • Worm Gear Self-locking design with minimum backlash.
  • Rugged construction standard IP 66 / 67 with options for submerged IP68 and ex-proof housings (EXD)
  • Hand wheel for manual over-ride with optional Electric local control.
  • Mounting base standard to ISO 5211
  • Heater with thermostat for condensation prevention